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Service Spotlight:
Love Story Film

Our Signature Love Story Film service crafts an intimate cinematic narrative by weaving your personal love story and vows into the fabric of the film. Beyond capturing your special day's highlights, we emphasize your genuine interactions and unique personalities, ensuring a genuine portrayal that goes beyond traditional wedding videography elements.  Your love deserves nothing less than a film that mirrors the beauty, depth, and uniqueness of your journey.


6-hours coverage

2 videographers

4k filming


Signature Love Story Film, up to 12 minutes in length

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Tiffany & Chris

Feature Film
Wedding Day Service

Immerse yourself in a Feature Film that documents your entire wedding day, from the anticipation of the bridal party's preparations to the joyous send-off at the reception. With our unobtrusive "fly on the wall" approach, we capture the genuine essence of your day, crafting a natural and authentic film that encapsulates every emotion and interaction. Your wedding day will be transformed into a timeless masterpiece, preserving memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

Moment In Time

Our Moment in Time service aims to capture the heartwarming essence of life's most significant love-centered milestones occurring outside of the wedding day, such as engagement parties, celebratory dinners, baby showers, births, anniversaries, vow renewals, and more. We craft a personalized, emotive film that encapsulates the genuine emotions and connections present at your love-centered milestone, ensuring your memories are preserved as a treasured cinematic experience.

 Content Creator

Designed for those who cherish behind-the-scenes moments and social media sharing, our Wedding Day Content Creator services seamlessly enhance your media team. We expertly capture real-time footage in a native format (iPhones), perfect for online sharing and reliving your love story until your full film post-production is complete. This service includes 5 curated reels that you will receive within 48 hours after your event.


Love Endures Cinema is the perfect choice for couples looking to capture their destination wedding in motion picture. We are experienced travel videographers who can travel across the globe to document the entire destination experience, ensuring this special time of your life is remembered for years to come.

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