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Love Endures Cinema is a Louisiana based wedding film business founded by a boyfriend and girlfriend creative duo that specializes in capturing the beauty and emotion of weddings. We believe that every couple's wedding day is special and unique, and it's our mission to capture these moments in a way that preserves the love and joy that was present.


Our experience in cinematography yields a keen eye for detail and will make sure to capture all of the special moments of your wedding day. We're passionate about bringing your story to life and strive to create cinematic films that will be cherished for generations. Join us on this journey and let us help you document your love as it endures.

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"Is it worth it?"

Wedding Videography

Of course it is! Here's why:

Wedding videography is just as important as wedding photography when it comes to capturing your special day. While still photos capture moments frozen in time, videography captures the motion and emotion of your day, as well as memorializing the sound of your vows and other special memories. Videography also enhances the still images captured by your photographer, giving you a comprehensive look at your special day. The once-in-a-lifetime memories being made on your wedding day are priceless and you'll cherish having them on motion film forever.

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